DAS4ESJ’s Logo: A Meditation

“Evolution of Universe and Conscious”
Speed of Light which travels at maximal at
Which all conventional matter and hence all known
Forms of information in the Universe can travel.

Justice, we believe,
Is both simple and universal,
Perfect yet imperfectly attained,
One like the Sun,
Energy to sustain life,
Motion, and the Measurement of Time.

Sun People, DAS’s which are an exceptional People,
Ancestors who measured time by the position of the Sun,
While in chattel Slavery,
As the Sun, permits all other planets to rotate on its axis,
Radiating 93 million miles away, Providing light and energy to life on earth
As a people, who sweat, blood, and tears provided a way of life for America.
The Sun, at its Core, which is the Thought projected by God the Creator.
Everyone put in its Natural Law, of Freedom, (Justice) which Renders Everyone Equal

And the upside-down triangle,
Representing Justice Base Leadership,
At bottom, Servant Leadership, serving
The broad spectrum of “Synergy”, interaction or cooperation
Of two or more organizations and systems to produce
A combine effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.
Totally opposite of the tradition triangle,
Were just a very narrow of a few, is at the top,
At the expense of the many at the bottom.

Economic Justice
In the Input and the out-take
And the reciprocity, balance of both,
Affirms each man, woman, and child
Vested right to own the means
to feed the body and free the mind,
to reach beyond one’s self,
to others, to creation, to God.

Social Justice
The right ordering of institutions and laws,
Is the soil from which flowers
The good community
Uniting to sanctify the dignity of each person
Whose earthy sovereignty
The eternal Sovereign has bestowed.
Like the circle and triangle still-incomplete,
So too is our knowing, our grasp,
And humanity’s task
To secure Justice for every person.
Forever we are all enjoined:
“Justice, Justice, thou shalt pursue.