What Makes DAS Different

DAS/ESJ is unlike any other organizations, in that we are more than an organization that has just a programmatic approach to systemic challenges and barriers that have affected many American citizens today. We at DAS/ESJ think beyond programs. We dedicated to challenging the Status Quo by introducing and developing “Justice” in the policies and citizen participation policies of basic social institutions, such as Academia; National, State and Local political institutions; Monetary and Finance Systems; Tax Systems; Organized Religions; Business Corporations, Labor Unions, Criminal Justice Systems, etc. We are committed to lifting barriers to equal Justice and more democratic citizen empowerment policies, concentrating on how every person can acquire equal future ownership opportunities to develop his or her fullest human potential to share growing profits, labor incomes, and lifetime quality education to meet his or her economic needs and contribute to the common good, while reducing the Need for Charity and Government income redistribution.